About Us

Shell Core Specialties was founded in 1976 to supply local foundries with low cost custom shell molds and cores for their casting lines. As the demand for standard sizes grew, SCS began to offer round cores in various sizes and now offers a full range of round cores in sizes ranging from 5/16 to 6 inch diameters. The immediate availability of these cores saves foundries and customers the expense of building and running core boxes leading to more economical operations.

Additionally, SCS offers slab cores, pouring sprues, test blocks, anti-shift cores and firecrackers for your convenience. We can customize your round cores by varying the sand type and wall thickness as well as drilling vent holes in the solid end.

Shell Core Specialties also supplies many customers with custom cores and shell made from the customers own tooling. This saves the expense of running and maintaining a variety of shell mold and core machines as well as tool storage. With a turn around time of under a week, your cores and stack-molds will be ready when you need them.